Our Board

When we founded PPF in June 2017 we drew board members with broad experience in nonprofit work and community engagement.

John Russell, long time Director of the Montford Park Players and a member of the NC Public Art Board was happy to step in.
Ellie Richard, a Child Education Consultant and leading light of Asheville’s “People Who Tell the Truth” exhibition joined as well.
Elaine Lite, Founder and Chair of Mountain Voices Alliance—principal sponsors of Mountain Moral Monday and other actions here—came on board.
Jay Fields, a member of the Haywood Street Visioning Task Force and a past member of various City boards and commissions, was ready to bring his perspective.
Ron Ogle, an artist recognized for masterful portraits and landscapes and a resident of the Battery Park Apartments which look out over the future park property, was willing to bring his aesthetic eye to the project.
Cecil Bothwell, a two term City Council member who has worked for more than a dozen years to create a park on this site, is Secretary to the Board.

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